How to Use A Gift Card At Walmart?

Using a gift card at Walmart is a convenient and hassle-free way to make purchases both online and in-store. Whether you received a gift card as a present or bought one for yourself, this tutorial will guide you through the simple steps of using a Walmart gift card.

Step 1: Visit the Walmart Store or Website
To begin, head over to your local Walmart store or navigate to the Walmart website ( on your computer or mobile device.

Step 2: Select Your Items
Browse through the wide range of products available at Walmart and select the items you wish to purchase. You can explore different categories and use the search feature to find specific products.

Step 3: Add Items to Your Cart
Once you’ve found the items you want to buy, click on the "Add to Cart" button to add them to your virtual shopping cart. You can continue shopping and add more items if needed.

Step 4: Proceed to Checkout
Once you have finished adding items to your cart, click on the shopping cart icon or the "Checkout" button to proceed to the checkout process.

Step 5: Enter Your Gift Card Details
During the checkout process, you will be prompted to provide your payment information. Look for the "Gift Card" or "Gift Card Number" field and enter the gift card number located on the back of your Walmart gift card.

Step 6: Provide Security Code and PIN
In addition to the gift card number, you may be required to enter the security code (usually a scratch-off panel on the back of the card) and the PIN (if applicable) associated with your gift card. This information helps verify the authenticity and balance of the card.

Step 7: Complete the Purchase
Once you have entered all the necessary details, review your order to ensure accuracy. If everything looks correct, click on the "Place Order" or "Complete Purchase" button to finalize your transaction. The total amount of your purchase will be deducted from the balance on your Walmart gift card.

Pros: Cons:
1. Convenient way to make purchases at Walmart. 1. Limited usability restricted to Walmart stores and website.
2. Can be used for online and in-store purchases. 2. May require internet access to use the gift card online.
3. No additional fees or expiration dates on Walmart gift cards. 3. Gift card balance may not cover the full cost of high-priced items.

Using a Walmart gift card is a straightforward process that allows you to conveniently make purchases at Walmart, whether you prefer shopping in-store or online. By following these simple steps, you can fully utilize the value of your gift card and enjoy a seamless shopping experience at Walmart.

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How do you use a gift card in a store?

To use a gift card in a store, follow these steps:

1. Choose your items: Browse the store and select the products or services you wish to purchase.

2. Proceed to checkout: Bring your selected items to the cash register or the designated checkout area.

3. Inform the cashier: Let the cashier know that you have a gift card that you would like to use for your purchase.

4. Provide the gift card: Hand over the physical gift card to the cashier, or if it’s an electronic gift card, provide them with the code or information required.

5. Verification: The cashier will typically scan or manually input the gift card information into the store’s payment system to verify its balance and authenticity.

6. Balance check: The cashier may inform you of the remaining balance on the gift card, which can be useful for future use.

7. Complete the transaction: If the gift card balance covers the full amount of your purchase, the cashier will deduct the appropriate amount from the card. In case the purchase exceeds the card balance, you may be asked to provide an additional payment method to cover the remaining amount.

8. Confirm the transaction: After the payment is made, ensure that the final amount deducted from the gift card matches your expectations. Retrieve your receipt if needed.

Remember to check the terms and conditions associated with the gift card, as each retailer may have specific policies regarding their usage. It’s also a good idea to keep track of the remaining balance on your gift card to avoid any surprises during future purchases.

Do you need a PIN number for Walmart gift card?

Yes, you need a PIN number for a Walmart gift card. Here are the steps or reasons behind this requirement:

1. Activation at the Point of Sale: When you purchase a Walmart gift card, it is typically activated at the point of sale. At that time, a PIN number is assigned to the card to ensure its security and prevent unauthorized usage.

2. Online and Phone Purchases: If you plan to use your Walmart gift card for online or phone purchases, you will be required to enter the PIN number during the checkout process. This step acts as an additional layer of security to protect your funds.

3. In-Store Transactions: When making a purchase in-store using your Walmart gift card, you may be prompted to enter the PIN number on the payment terminal. This PIN acts as a verification method to confirm that you are the authorized user of the card.

4. Balance Inquiry and PIN Retrieval: In certain situations, you may need to check the remaining balance on your Walmart gift card or retrieve the PIN number. This can usually be done through the Walmart website or by contacting their customer support.

In conclusion, a PIN number is indeed necessary for a Walmart gift card. It serves as a security measure for various types of transactions, both online and in-store, ensuring that only the authorized user can access and use the funds loaded onto the card.

How do Walmart gift cards work?

Walmart gift cards are a popular choice for many shoppers, as they offer flexibility and convenience for both the buyer and the recipient. Here’s how Walmart gift cards work:

1. Purchase: Walmart gift cards can be purchased in-store or online from Walmart’s official website. They are available in various denominations, allowing you to choose the amount you want to gift.

2. Activation: Once you have purchased a Walmart gift card, it needs to be activated before it can be used. This can usually be done at the checkout counter or through the online activation process. The card will typically have a scratch-off section with a unique PIN that needs to be revealed for activation.

3. Redemption: The recipient can redeem the Walmart gift card at any Walmart store or through their online platform. In-store, they can present the physical gift card to the cashier during checkout. Online, they will be prompted to enter the gift card number and PIN during the payment process.

4. Balance Check: It’s important to keep track of the remaining balance on the Walmart gift card. The recipient can check the balance in-store at the customer service desk, online through the Walmart website, or by calling the customer service number provided on the back of the card.

5. Restrictions: Walmart gift cards can only be used for purchases at Walmart stores and on the Walmart website. They cannot be redeemed for cash, and the balance on the card cannot be transferred to another gift card or credit card.

6. Expiration: In general, Walmart gift cards do not have an expiration date. However, it’s always a good idea to check the terms and conditions associated with each card to ensure you are aware of any specific guidelines or limitations.

Overall, Walmart gift cards provide a convenient gifting option, allowing recipients to choose from a wide range of products available at Walmart. They are easy to use and can be a great solution when you’re unsure of what to give someone or want to let them choose something they truly need or want.

Why is my Walmart gift card not working?

There could be several reasons why your Walmart gift card is not working. Here are some possible steps to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Check the card balance: Ensure that you have a sufficient balance on your Walmart gift card. You can do this by visiting the official Walmart website or contacting their customer service. It’s possible that the card might have been used up or has a remaining balance that is lower than the purchase amount.

2. Verify the card information: Double-check the details on your Walmart gift card, including the card number, expiration date, and security code (if applicable). Make sure you are entering the correct information when trying to redeem the card.

3. Contact Walmart customer service: If you have confirmed that your Walmart gift card has a sufficient balance and correct card information, it’s recommended to reach out to Walmart customer service. They will be able to assist you further and provide insights into why your gift card may not be working.

4. Check the card’s activation status: In some cases, gift cards need to be activated before they can be used. If you received the gift card recently, ensure that it has been activated either by the cashier or by following the instructions provided with the card.

5. Validate the card’s eligibility: Certain Walmart gift cards may have specific limitations or restrictions on where they can be used. For example, some gift cards may only be redeemable in physical Walmart stores, while others may be applicable for online purchases. Confirm that you are trying to use the gift card in a valid location or platform.

6. Avoid any potential fraud or scams: Unfortunately, gift card scams are prevalent, and scammers may try to deceive individuals into providing gift card details or numbers. Ensure that you are purchasing or obtaining gift cards from reputable sources to avoid any fraudulent activities.

These steps should help you troubleshoot the issue with your Walmart gift card. However, if the problem persists, it’s best to consult Walmart’s customer service directly for further assistance.

How do you pay with a gift card?

Paying with a gift card is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. Here’s a guide on how to pay with a gift card:

1. Verify your gift card balance: Before making a purchase, it’s essential to check the balance on your gift card. This can usually be done by visiting the retailer’s website or contacting their customer service. Ensure that you have enough funds available on the card to cover your purchase.

2. Choose your items: Browse the products or services you wish to buy. Add them to your shopping cart or proceed to the checkout page.

3. Select payment method: When prompted to choose a payment method, look for an option that allows you to pay with a gift card. The specific wording may vary depending on the website or store you are purchasing from. Often, you’ll find an option like "Gift Card," "Gift Certificate," or "Apply Gift Card."

4. Enter gift card details: Provide the required details of your gift card. This typically includes the gift card number and a unique PIN or access code. These details are often found on the back of the physical card or in the email you received if it’s an electronic gift card.

5. Verify the transaction: Double-check the entered gift card details to ensure accuracy. Mistyped numbers or codes can prevent the transaction from going through. Review the total amount to confirm that it aligns with your purchase.

6. Apply the gift card: Once you are confident that everything is correct, proceed with the transaction. The system will usually deduct the relevant amount from your gift card balance and display the remaining funds if any. If the value of your purchase exceeds the gift card balance, you may be prompted to provide an additional payment method.

7. Complete the purchase: Follow the checkout process and provide any additional information required, such as shipping address or contact details. Once all the necessary information is provided, finalize the purchase by confirming your order.

8. Keep track of remaining balance: After the transaction is completed, note down the remaining balance on your gift card. Some retailers or merchants may display this information on the receipt or provide it through an online account associated with the gift card. This will help you keep track of how much you have left to spend.

Remember, the process may differ slightly depending on the retailer or the type of gift card you possess. It’s always a good idea to refer to any instructions or information provided by the gift card issuer.

Do Walmart gift cards need to be activated?

Yes, Walmart gift cards typically require activation before they can be used. Here are the steps to activate a Walmart gift card:

1. Purchase the Walmart gift card: You can buy a Walmart gift card from various sources, including Walmart stores, the Walmart website, or authorized retailers.

2. Obtain the card number and PIN: After purchasing the gift card, make sure to keep the receipt or any document that provides the card number and PIN. These details are essential for the activation process.

3. Check if the card is already activated: Before attempting to activate the gift card, verify if it has already been activated. You can do this by visiting the Walmart website or contacting their customer service.

4. Activate the card online: To activate the Walmart gift card online, visit the Walmart website and navigate to the gift card activation page. Enter the required information, such as the card number and PIN, and follow the instructions provided.

5. Activate the card in-store: If you prefer to activate the gift card in-store, you can visit any Walmart location. Approach the customer service desk or a cashier, and provide them with the gift card details. They will assist you in the activation process.

Once the Walmart gift card is activated, it is ready for use. You can use it for purchases at Walmart stores, Walmart’s online platform, or other affiliated retailers where Walmart gift cards are accepted.

Always remember to keep the gift card in a safe place and safeguard the card details. In case of loss or theft, contact Walmart customer service immediately to report the issue and take appropriate measures to protect your funds.