How to Change PDF Metadata on Mac?

PDF metadata, also known as document properties, is information that describes a PDF file’s content and structure. This metadata includes details like the file’s title, author, subject, and keywords. In some cases, you may need to change this metadata on a Mac, for example, if you want to add or update information related to a PDF file. Fortunately, modifying PDF metadata on a Mac is a relatively straightforward process.

Here’s how you can change PDF metadata on a Mac using Preview:

1. Open the PDF in Preview by double-clicking it.
2. Click "File" from the menu bar, then select "Get Info."
3. In the "Get Info" window, click the "Description" tab. Here you will see fields such as "Title," "Author," "Subject," and "Keywords."
4. Change the value of any field you want to modify, then press "Enter" to save your changes.

Alternatively, you can use third-party apps like Adobe Acrobat or PDF Expert to modify PDF metadata on a Mac. These apps provide more advanced features than Preview, such as the ability to batch edit metadata for multiple PDF files at once. Regardless of the tool you use, updating PDF metadata can be a helpful way to keep your documents organized and accessible.

How do I change the metadata of a PDF?

How do you change the metadata of a File on a Mac?

In order to change the metadata of a file on a Mac, you can follow these steps:

1. Select the file whose metadata you want to change.
2. Right-click on the file and select "Get Info" or press "Command + I".
3. In the information window that appears, you will see the current metadata for the file.
4. To change the metadata, click on the section you want to modify (i.e. Name & Extension, Tags, etc.) and edit the information as desired.
5. Once you have made the necessary changes, click on the "OK" button to save them.

In addition, you can also change multiple files’ metadata at once, which can save time and effort if you have many files to modify. To do this, simply select all the files you want to modify, right-click, and select "Get Info". From there, you can change the metadata for all selected files simultaneously.

How do I change the author and Title of a PDF Mac?

Changing the author and title of a PDF on a Mac is relatively simple and can be done using the Preview app, which comes pre-installed on all Mac devices. Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Open the PDF file you want to edit with Preview.

2. Click on “Tools” from the menu bar and select “Show Inspector” or press “Command + I” on your keyboard.

3. The Inspector window will open, showing you all the metadata associated with the PDF you are editing. By default, the “General” tab will be selected, which shows you basic information like file size, number of pages and creation date.

4. To change the title of the PDF, select the “Description” tab from the Inspector window. Here, you can edit the “Title” field to change the name of the PDF.

5. To change the author of the PDF, still in the “Description” tab, you can edit the “Author” field as needed.

6. Once you have made the desired changes, simply close the Inspector window to save them.

7. If you want to save the edited PDF as a new file with the updated metadata, select “File” from the menu bar and choose “Export”. In the Export window, enter a new file name and select “PDF” as the format.

That’s it! Your PDF file should now have updated title and author metadata.

How do I remove metadata from a PDF on a Mac?

Metadata is additional information that is added to a PDF file that may include information about the creator, the date of creation, and other potentially sensitive information. To remove metadata from a PDF on a Mac, you can follow these simple steps:

1. Open the PDF file that you want to remove metadata from in the Preview app on your Mac.
2. Click on "File" from the top menu bar and select "Duplicate" to create a copy of the original PDF file.
3. With the duplicate file selected, click on "File" again and select "Export…" from the dropdown menu.
4. In the export options, select "PDF" as the format and uncheck the box next to "Use Quartz Filter."
5. Click on the "Save" button to export the PDF file without metadata.

You can now use the new PDF file without metadata. It is always a good practice to remove metadata from PDF files before sharing them to protect your privacy and sensitive information.

How do I change the metadata of a PDF for free?

Changing the metadata of a PDF refers to modifying the information associated with the document, including the title, author, and other details. There are various tools available for this purpose, many of which require a subscription or a purchase. However, there are also free options available for those on a budget.

One of the most popular and user-friendly free tools for modifying PDF metadata is PDF-XChange Editor. This software allows you to easily view and edit the metadata of your PDF file by clicking on the "Document Properties" option in the File menu. From there, you can modify the metadata as needed, including the title, author, and other details.

Another option is to use the command-line tool ExifTool, which is available for free on various platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. ExifTool allows you to modify multiple metadata fields at once, including author, title, date, and more. However, because ExifTool is a command-line tool, it may be less intuitive for those who are not familiar with command-line interfaces.

In summary, to change the metadata of a PDF for free, PDF-XChange Editor and ExifTool are two great options. Both tools provide easy ways to modify the metadata information of your PDF document without any payment.