How to Delete Snapchat History on iPhone 14

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps that allow users to share their photos and videos with others. While it presents the opportunity to take spontaneous and fun photos that remain available for a short period, there are times when users may want to delete Snapchat messages and history for different reasons. This blog post aims to provide a guide on how to delete Snapchat history specifically on iPhone 14.

Deleting Snapchat history can be challenging because the app is designed to keep user data, and it can be saved in various places on the phone, making it hard to clear them all. However, this post outlines three methods that users can try, with each having its pros and cons. The methods explored here include clearing Snapchat cache, deleting Snapchat conversations, and resetting the iPhone settings. This post aims to help users protect their privacy and delete any unwanted messages or media on Snapchat.

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The Challenges of Deleting Snapchat History on iPhone 14

The primary challenge of deleting Snapchat history is that the app is designed to keep track of user data. This means that while some of the data might be deleted, other data such as caches, media files, and conversations may remain on the phone. These data can be challenging to find and delete. Additionally, users find it challenging to delete individual messages on Snapchat, making it necessary to delete entire conversations. However, deleting conversations may not necessarily remove the media files exchanged within the conversation.

Method 1: Clearing Snapchat Cache


Clearing the Snapchat cache is one of the methods that users can try to delete messaging history on iPhone 14. The cache files are temporary data that are downloaded and saved when using the app. Deleting cache files not only creates more storage space but can also improve app performance.


1. Open the Snapchat app.
2. On the camera screen, tap on the profile icon on the top left corner of the screen.
3. Scroll down and tap on the ‘Settings’ option.
4. Under the ‘My Account’ section, tap on ‘Memory.’
5. In the ‘Memory’ menu, tap on ‘Clear Cache.’
6. A prompt will appear asking for confirmation to delete cache files. Tap ‘Clear Cache’ to confirm.


– Clear Snapchat caches improve app performance.
– No data, messages, or media files will be deleted from the app.


– Cached data may be downloaded again, taking up storage space.
– Cached data removal may not necessarily delete all temporary files.

Method 2: Deleting Snapchat Conversations


Deleting Snapchat conversations is a way of removing chat messages and media files and helps clear phone storage space. This method allows the user to delete whole conversations, a feature that is unavailable when deleting individual messages.


1. Open the Snapchat app.
2. On the camera screen, tap on the profile icon on the top left corner of the screen.
3. Scroll through the conversations and find the one you wish to delete.
4. Press and hold on the conversation until a pop-up appears.
5. Tap on ‘Delete.’


– Deleting a conversation deletes both messages and media files.
– Free up storage space on the phone.


– Deleting a conversation will not necessarily delete all the media files exchanged in the conversation.
– Deleted conversations can not be retrieved.

Method 3: Reset iPhone Settings


Resetting the iPhone settings is another way of deleting Snapchat history from the phone. This method deletes all data, files, and settings, including Snapchat data.


1. On the iPhone, go to the ‘Settings’ app.
2. Tap on ‘General,’ followed by ‘Reset.’
3. Select the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ option.
4. A pop-up prompt will appear. Tap on ‘Erase iPhone’ to proceed.


– Erases all Snapchat data, including cached data, messages, and media files.
– All data is erased permanently and cannot be recovered.


– Deletes all data, including user data that may be beneficial.
– Resetting the device will lose all app data, settings, and files.

Why Can’t I Delete Snapchat history on my iPhone 14?

There are several reasons why deleting Snapchat history may be challenging. These include:
1. Cached data: The app stores cached data that may be challenging to delete. Cached data may also be downloaded again, taking up storage space.
2. Inability to delete individual messages: Snapchat only allows deleting whole conversations and not individual messages.
3. Media files: Deleting conversations may not necessarily delete the media files exchanged within the conversations, taking up phone storage space.

Additional Suggestions for Deleting Snapchat history on iPhone 14

Other suggestions that may help to clean Snapchat history on iPhone 14 include:
1. Turn on ‘Ghost Mode’: This feature allows the user to hide their location and activity from other users.
2. Avoid sharing sensitive data on Snapchat: Information shared on Snapchat may be saved by other users who can later expose it.
3. Regularly check and delete data: Constantly monitoring and clearing cache data and conversations from Snapchat can free up storage on the iPhone.


Q. Can I selectively delete media files on Snapchat?

A. No, Snapchat only allows deleting entire conversations and not single media files exchanged within a conversation.

Q. If I reset my iPhone settings, will it delete my Snapchat account?

A. No, resetting the phone settings will not delete the Snapchat account but will delete all the data, files, and settings, including Snapchat history.

Q. Can Snapchat data be recovered after deletion?

A. No, Snapchat data deleted from the phone cannot be recovered.

Q. How can I be sure that all Snapchat data has been deleted from my iPhone 14?

A. Deleting Snapchat conversations, clearing cache data, and resetting device settings will delete all Snapchat data. However, it is impossible to be sure that all data is deleted permanently.


Deleting Snapchat history may be challenging because of the app’s design to retain user data. However, by taking the right steps, users can effectively delete their Snapchat history on iPhone 14. Clearing Snapchat cache, deleting conversations, and resetting the device settings are the methods covered in this post. Regularly checking and deleting Snapchat data, avoiding sharing sensitive data, and turning on the ‘Ghost Mode’ feature can help maintain user privacy.