how to pair phonak hearing aids to iPhone?

To pair Phonak hearing aids with your iPhone, follow these steps:
1. Download the Phonak Remote App from the Apple App Store on your iPhone and launch it.
2. Select “Settings” in the upper right corner of the app and then select “Add New Hearing Aids” from the drop down menu.
3. Follow the instructions onscreen to activate Bluetooth on both your iPhone and Phonak hearing aids if necessary, then select “Pairing Mode” in the app to begin pairing them together.
4. Your hearing aids should now display a confirmation code which you will need to enter into your app to complete the pairing process.
5. Once completed, you should now be able to adjust settings for your Phonak hearing aids directly from your iPhone using the app!

If you are experiencing any issues during this process or have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support team for additional assistance!

How do I pair myPhonak hearing aids to my phone?

How can I connect myPhonak hearing aids to my iPhone?

To connect your Phonak hearing aids to your iPhone, you will need to download and install the myPhonak app. Once the app is installed, open it on your iPhone and follow the instructions for setting up your hearing aids.

1. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone by going to Settings > Bluetooth.
2. Open the myPhonak App and sign in with your user account or create one if needed.
3. Select "Connect Hearing Aids" from within the app menu, then select “Pair New Hearing Aid” or “Reset Existing Connection” as needed.
4. Follow any additional setup steps that appear within the app until it indicates that connection is complete.

If you have any difficulty connecting, make sure that both devices are close enough together and have adequate battery life before attempting again or reach out to Phonak support for assistance with troubleshooting any further issues you may be having with pairing your devices together successfully

Why are myPhonak hearing aids not connecting to my iPhone?

I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulty connecting your Phonak hearing aids to your iPhone. There are a few steps that you can take to try and troubleshoot the issue. First, make sure that the hearing aids are compatible with your phone by checking the Phonak website for compatibility information. Next, check if you have the latest version of iOS installed on your device, as well as the latest version of myPhonak app. Lastly, ensure that all settings related to Bluetooth and myPhonak app are enabled correctly on both devices (iPhone and hearing aid). If these steps do not help, I would recommend contacting Apple or Phonak customer support directly as they may be able to provide further assistance.

Why won t myPhonak hearing aid connect to my phone?

It can be frustrating when your Phonak hearing aid won’t connect to your phone. To troubleshoot this problem, I would suggest the following steps:

1. Make sure that you have updated your device’s operating system, as well as the app you are using to connect the two devices.
2. Check all of your settings and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on both devices and that they are properly paired.
3. If possible, try restarting both devices to reset any potential connection issues.
4. Try moving closer to the device you are trying to connect with in case there is an issue with signal strength or interference from other electronic devices nearby.
5. Contact Phonak’s customer support team for further assistance if none of these steps have resolved the issue for you yet

How do I put my hearing aids in pairing mode?

To put your hearing aids into pairing mode, follow these steps:
1. Make sure your hearing aid batteries are freshly charged.
2. Turn on the pairing mode feature on your device (this may require you to press and hold a button or use the settings menu).
3. Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone or other device that you want to pair with your hearing aids.
4. Scan for available devices and select the one corresponding to your hearing aids from the list of options displayed.
5. Follow the instructions provided by your device manufacturer if additional steps are necessary in order to complete the pairing process successfully.
6. Once paired, you should be able to hear audio through both of your hearing aids simultaneously when using this device as a source of sound input..

If you have any difficulty completing these steps or need further assistance, please consult your audiologist or contact customer service at the manufacturer of your hearing aids for more help and advice regarding how to use their products properly and safely.

Why is myPhonak hearing aid not connecting to Bluetooth?

It is likely that your Phonak hearing aid is not connecting to Bluetooth due to a connection issue. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot:
1. Make sure the hearing aid is in pairing mode by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds until the LED indicator light flashes blue.
2. Ensure that the Bluetooth device you are trying to connect with (e.g., phone, TV) is within 10 meters of your hearing aid and that no obstacles such as walls or furniture are blocking the connection.
3. If possible, try moving closer to reduce any interference from other devices or sources of wireless signal (e.g., Wi-Fi).
4. Restart your Bluetooth device by turning it off and on again and then try re-pairing it with your Phonak hearing aids once more.
5. Try resetting the connection between both devices by deleting them from each other’s “paired list” on their respective menus before attempting a fresh pairing attempt once more.
If none of these steps resolves the issue, please contact Phonak directly for assistance at 1-800-558-8800 or visit their website at http://www.phonakprosolutionsusa/support for further help with this issue

How do I connect myPhonak to my iPhone 13?

To connect your Phonak to your iPhone 13, please follow the steps below:
1. On your iPhone 13, enable Bluetooth by swiping up from the Home screen and tapping on the Bluetooth icon.
2. On your Phonak device, press and hold the power button until it says ‘Ready to Pair’. This will put it in pairing mode.
3. Once in pairing mode, search for available devices on your iPhone 13’s Bluetooth settings page and select your Phonak device when it appears in the list of available connections.
4. Enter any passcodes or confirmations that appear on both devices to finalize the connection process.
If you encounter any issues during this process, please contact Phonak customer support for further assistance at 1-800-555-1234 or visit their website at for more information about connecting devices with their products.

Does Phonak App work on iPhone?

Yes, the Phonak App is available for both Android and iOS devices. To use it on your iPhone, you will need to download it from the Apple App Store. Once downloaded, you can open the app and follow the instructions given to set up your hearing aids and access all of its features. For more detailed instructions on how to use the app please visit our website at