How to Recover Downloaded YouTube Videos on Android Phone

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world. It has over two billion monthly active users. However, users often find themselves in a situation where they accidentally delete their downloaded YouTube videos from their Android devices. It is a frustrating experience that can lead to the loss of valuable content. Many users are unaware that there are methods available to recover these lost videos. In this blog post, we will discuss the challenges users face in recovering downloaded YouTube videos on their Android phones, the methods to recover them, and additional suggestions to ensure you never lose your important videos again.

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The Challenges of Recovering Downloaded YouTube Videos on Android Phone

Users can face various challenges while trying to recover downloaded YouTube videos on their Android phones. The first challenge is being unaware of the built-in location where YouTube stores the downloaded videos. Users have to know this location to recover the deleted videos.

The second challenge is that deleted videos do not go directly to the recycle bin or a similar location. Instead, they are wiped out from the device’s storage, making it challenging to recover them.

The third challenge is that users do not have a direct option to recover deleted videos within the YouTube application or Android operating system. Some users may not have the technical knowledge to use third-party recovery apps.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Videos Using Google Photos

Google Photos is a cloud-based storage service provided by Google. It is an intuitive app that can automatically backup user’s videos and images from their android devices. One advantage of using Google Photos is that it has a specific trash folder to recover deleted videos.

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos Using Google Photos:
1. Open the Google Photos App on your Android phone.
2. Click on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top left corner of your screen.
3. Select the Trash folder.
4. Select the videos you want to recover.
5. Click on the Restore button at the bottom of the screen.

– Free and easy to use.
– Provides unlimited free cloud storage for photos and videos.
– Automatically syncs backed-up content with other devices.

– The user needs to have previously enabled backup and sync on their Google Photos account.
– Users may face difficulty recovering deleted videos older than 60 days of deletion, as Google Photos permanently deletes them.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Videos from Android Phone using Diskdigger Photo Recovery

Diskdigger is a powerful data recovery application that can recover accidentally deleted videos and photos from Android phones. It is a user-friendly tool that can be used without any technical knowledge.

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos from Android Phone using Diskdigger Photo Recovery:
1. Download and install Diskdigger Photo Recovery from the Google Play Store.
2. Open the app and select the storage location of the deleted video.
3. Allow Diskdigger to scan the selected location.
4. Select the videos you want to recover.
5. Click on restore located at the top right corner of the screen.

– Can recover videos deleted using various applications, including YouTube.
– Easy to use interface and does not require any technical knowledge.
– Can recover photos and videos from both the internal and external storage of the Android device.

– Can only recover videos deleted in the last few months.
– Diskdigger is not reliable in recovering videos that have been overwritten by new data.

Method 3: Recover Deleted Videos from Android Phone Using EaseUS MobiSaver for Android

EaseUS MobiSaver is efficient software that is designed to recover deleted data including videos, photos, and documents from Android devices. Although it is not a free tool, EaseUS MobiSaver has a trial version, which allows users to test its effectiveness before buying it.

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos Using EaseUS MobiSaver for Android:
1. Download and install EaseUS MobiSaver for Android on your PC.
2. Connect your Android device to the PC using a USB cable and enable USB debugging mode.
3. From the main menu of EaseUS MobiSaver, select Videos from the list of options.
4. Press the Scan button to search for deleted videos.
5. Choose the videos you want to restore from the results and click on the Recover button.

– Simple and user-friendly interface.
– Supports all popular Android brands and models.
– Can recover deleted videos that were not backed up without overwriting existing data.

– Videos can only be recovered by connecting an Android phone to a PC.
– The trial version has limited functionality.

Method 4: Recover Deleted Videos from Recycle Bin with Special Apps

Third-party recycle bin applications exist that can protect deleted videos from being permanently erased and recover videos previously deleted from your Android phone.

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos from Recycle Bin with Special Apps:
1. Download and install a third-party recycle bin application on your Android device.
2. Once installed, the recycle bin will start operating in the background and will save any deleted files.
3. Open the recycle bin application.
4. Select the deleted video you want to restore.
5. Click on restore and save the video.

– Keeps deleted videos safe from permanent deletion.
– Can recover deleted videos from all kinds of apps, including YouTube.
– Easy to restore videos to their original location.

– Not all recycle bin apps are compatible with all Android devices.
– The installed app may slow down the device.

Why Can’t I Recover Downloaded YouTube Videos on My Android Phone?

There are several reasons why users may not be able to recover downloaded YouTube videos on their Android phones. These include not knowing the location where downloaded videos are stored, videos being wiped from the device storage, and not being able to recover deleted videos without using third-party applications.

Here are some fixes for these issues:
1. To locate downloaded videos, go to the file manager and find the YouTube folder. Within this folder, look for the "Saved" folder.
2. To prevent videos from being wiped accidentally, make sure to always backup important videos to cloud storage such as Google Photos.
3. Use a special app, such as Diskdigger or EaseUS MobiSaver, to locate and restore deleted videos.

Additional Suggestions to Ensure You Never Lose Your Important Videos Again

Here are some additional suggestions to avoid losing important videos in the future:
– Back up your videos on cloud storage regularly.
– Make sure to double-check before deleting any essential video from your Android phone.
– Use third-party applications that have the added protection of a recycle bin.
– Avoid installing unknown third-party applications that could harm your device and delete your data.

5 FAQs

Q1. Can I recover my deleted YouTube videos using a Google account?

A1. If you have previously backed up the deleted videos in your Google account, you can recover them using the Google Photos app.

Q2. Can I recover overwritten videos using EaseUS MobiSaver for Android?

A2. EaseUS MobiSaver for Android cannot recover overwritten videos that have been lost.

Q3. Can I recover deleted YouTube videos if I don’t have any specialized apps installed?

A3. Specialized apps like Diskdigger and EaseUS MobiSaver are not necessary to recover deleted YouTube videos. You can use Google Photos to recover deleted videos if you have previously backed them up.

Q4. Is it possible to recover deleted videos without a backup?

A4. The chances of recovering deleted videos without a backup are low. However, specialized applications like Diskdigger and EaseUS MobiSaver can locate and restore deleted videos from device storage.

Q5. Why can’t I find my deleted videos on Google Photos?

A5. Google Photos only saves deleted videos for 60 days before deleting them permanently, so it’s necessary to recover them within that time frame.


Losing important videos can be frustrating, but it’s not always the end of the world. With the methods and additional suggestions mentioned above, you can recover deleted YouTube videos from your Android phone. These methods can also protect you from experiencing such a loss in the future. Remember to always back up your important files regularly to avoid losing data in the future.