How to Unlock Galaxy Note 10 When You Forgot Password

The modern age smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes with advanced security features such as password, pattern, and fingerprint lock for protecting our personal information. However, remembering the password or pattern seems to be a bothersome thing for many of us. In such a situation, we need to unlock our Samsung Galaxy device without a password. This blog post will guide you on how to unlock Galaxy Note 10 if you forgot your password.

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The Challenge of Unlocking Galaxy Note 10 When You Forgot Password

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 provides its user with a password-protected lock function, in which you will have to enter a password, PIN, or pattern to lock and unlock your phone. But what can you do when you forget the password of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10? It seems to be a daunting task to unlock your Galaxy Note 10 without a password, but there are some simple methods that you can try to reset the password and unlock your Galaxy Note 10.

Things You Should Prepare for

Before you go on to try these methods, you need to make sure that you have to prepare these things:

– a Windows computer
– a USB cable
– You need to download the Samsung USB driver and the flashing tool
– Make sure your device’s battery percentage is sufficient to complete the process.

Method 1: Via Google Account

When you are in a situation where you forget your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 password, you can use your Google account to unlock it. Follow these steps:

1. Tap on the “Forgot Password” option that is visible on your locked phone screen.
2. Enter the same email and password of the Google account which you have used to log in to your phone.
3. Once you enter your Google account credentials, you can reset the lock screen’s password.

Pros: Easy to follow; it won’t erase your data.
Cons: You need a Google Account which you have used on your device.

Method 2: Via Android Device Manager

This method of unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 requires you to prepare your device for remote access. Follow these steps to unlock your phone with the help of Android Device Manager:

1. Open a web browser on a computer and go to the Android Device Manager website.
2. Log in to the website using the Google account you have associated with your phone.
3. Choose the device you want to unlock, you will see a window with three options: Ring, Lock and Erase.
4. Click on the ‘Lock’ option. Enter a temporary password and click on ‘Lock’ again.
5. Now you can use the temporary password to unlock your device.

Pros: Once you find your phone back, you can easily put in the original password and continue using it.
Cons: You need to have registered your phone with Android Device Manager in advance.

Method 3: Use Samsung Find My Mobile

Samsung has developed a software called ‘Find My Mobile’ to provide Samsung users with the ability to locate, lock and erase the data of their lost or stolen Samsung devices. Follow the below steps to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with the Find My Mobile:

1. Go to the Find My Mobile website using a browser on your computer.
2. Enter login credentials (Samsung Account) to log in.
3. Choose your Galaxy Note 10 from the list of devices that the site will display for you.
4. Select the ‘Unlock Device’ option in the ‘SECURITY’ menu.
5. You may need to enter your Samsung account’s password for confirmation.
6. Click on the “Unlock” button and wait till the process gets over.

Pros: You can locate, lock, and erase the data of your lost or stolen Samsung device, and it works smoothly with all Samsung devices.
Cons: You need to need to have registered and activated Find My Mobile before you lost your device.

Why Can’t I Unlock My Samsung Galaxy Note10?

There are several reasons why you can’t unlock your device. Here are some possible problems and their solutions:

1. You enter the wrong password too many times, which leads to the permanent lock of the screen and you can’t enter the password again:
Fix: Wait 24 hours or more. After 24 hours or after you are no longer locked out, sign in to your Google account on your device.

2. Your Galaxy Note 10’s keyboard may not appear on the lock screen:
Fix: Restart your phone and try to unlock it again.

3. If you have set up a fingerprint pattern on your phone, you will have to enter your password:
Fix: Enter your password instead of trying your fingerprint to unlock the phone.

Additional Tips

Ensure to take proper care of your unlocking methods and do not share your passwords with anyone, as it might end up with severe consequences.

5 FAQs about Unlocking Galaxy Note 10

Q1. Can I unlock my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 without wiping the data?

A1. Yes, you can. The 3 methods mentioned in this article will not delete your data.

Q2. Do I need to root my Galaxy Note 10 to unlock it?

A2. No, you don’t need to root your device.

Q3. Can the "find my mobile" option unlock my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 when it is turned off?

A3. No, you cannot unlock your phone when it is turned off, but when you turn it on, it will be unlocked with a temporary password.

Q4. Can’t I unlock my Galaxy Note10 via Safe mode?

A4. No, Safe mode is used for troubleshooting purposes only.

Q5. Should I factory reset my phone to unlock my Galaxy Note 10?

A5. It is the last option that you can choose when none of the methods work. Note that factory reset will erase all your data and settings.

In Conclusion

Forgetting the password or pattern to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a common problem, but you don’t need to panic. You have many methods to unlock your device, such as using your Google account, Android device manager, and Find My Mobile. If you have any further queries, Please share below in the comment section.