iMazing CCache GUI Review – The Ultimate Tool for Efficient Caching!

As a technical blogger, I know how much important caching plays in website development. Caching can boost website speed and improve user experience. It can save a lot of time and hassle of recoding the website again and again. But, it’s not always an easy task to configure caching. I was searching for an ultimate caching tool that would ease my work and I stumbled upon iMazing CCache GUI.

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What is iMazing CCache GUI?

iMazing CCache GUI is a powerful caching tool that works with Apple’s Xcode. The tool is designed to overcome the difficulties associated with compiling the same code multiple times, and it is particularly useful when developing iOS applications. iMazing CCache GUI creates cache files for Xcode, thus resulting in significant time savings when switching branches, cleaning a build, or recompiling the same project.


iMazing CCache GUI is available for free on the official website, and the developers accept donations.


The caching tool is available for macOS versions 10.13 and higher. iMazing CCache GUI functions based on the combination of Xcode’s Distributed Build System, xcodebuild, and a caching system built with the ccache project. Thus, when you build a project for the first time, the caching tool starts creating the cache files, saving them in the necessary directories. The next time you build the same project, iMazing CCache GUI checks to see if there is a corresponing cache file and if it exists speeds up the build time.

Pros & Cons:

Like any other tool, iMazing CCache GUI has its own set of pros and cons. Here are a few of them:

  • The tool is free to use and can create a significant saving in terms of build time and efficiency.
  • iMazing CCache GUI installation and usage are easy and fast.
  • The tool works seamlessly with Xcode and presents a lot of efficiency.
  • iMazing CCache GUI is only useful for macOS 10.13 and later versions.
  • If the cache is outdated, a fresh build execution will take time due to cache verification.

Our Thoughts on iMazing CCache GUI

Overall, iMazing CCache GUI is an excellent tool for developers who build iOS applications using Xcode. The tool has no significant negative impacts on performance, ensuring faster builds. Installation and usage of the tool are simple and straightforward.

Because of my experience with the tool, I strongly recommend any iOS app developer to use iMazing CCache GUI. With its effectiveness in reducing build times, developers can work on improving their code quality and user interface and ultimately creating more efficient applications.

What iMazing CCache GUI Identifies

The caching tool solves one significant issue in iOS development, which is the long time taken during development cycles (iOS app development cycles usually rely on recompiling code frequently). By improving build times, developers can spend less time compiling code, while iMazing CCache GUI takes the task of caching new changes.

Imagine coding a project for the first time, and it takes several hours to complete, which is not ideal for developers. The situation is likely to repeat if the developer works on a similar project. Luckily, with the use of iMazing CCache GUI, this is no longer an issue.

How to Use iMazing CCache GUI?

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the tool:

  1. Go to and download iMazing CCache GUI.
  2. Open and drag the app into the Applications folder.
  3. Run iMazing CCache GUI from the Applications folder. A prompt appears if you would like to connect the cache to Xcode.
  4. Connect iMazing CCache GUI to Apple’s Xcode. A prompt will accept your confirmation that the tool can access Xcode.
  5. After that, the terminal will display “Cache configuration has been written to *directory*” confirm that the directory for the cache is set to your current project’s directory.
  6. Click “Start” to start the caching process.
  7. After caching is complete, you’ll get a 100% information message, confirming that your cache is ready to accelerate the build process.
  8. Understand your cache’s operations by checking your cache’s statistics.

Alternatives to iMazing CCache GUI

As much as iMazing CCache GUI caters to the needs of iOS developers, other alternatives achieve the same purpose. Here are the top three alternatives to iMazing CCache GUI:

1. ccache

ccache is an open-source tool and the same project that iMazing CCache GUI was built on. The tool works by compiling code once, then storing it in cache memory. The next time the developer runs the same code, the cache utility fetches the already built binary to the compiler.

2. Sccache

Another tool similar to iMazing CCache GUI is the popular Sccache utility. Sccache relies on caching compiled code and introducing it in successive builds. The tool does not store its cache on disk and operates separately from the compiler.

3. depccache

Finally, there is the depccache tool. depccache is a unique utility that identifies the need for caching and automatically enforces it on the build system. It works by caching emitted dependencies during builds that are necessary to identify future recompiling instances.

5 FAQs about iMazing CCache GUI

Q1: What platforms are supported by iMazing CCache GUI?

A1: iMazing CCache GUI is designed specifically for macOS versions 10.13 and higher.

Q2: Is iMazing CCache GUI free to use?

A2: Yes, iMazing CCache GUI is available at no cost on the official website. The developers do accept donations.

Q3: Does iMazing CCache GUI work with other programming platforms outside of Xcode?

A3: No, iMazing CCache GUI is built exclusively for Apple’s Xcode.

Q4: Does using iMazing CCache GUI pose any security risks related to code management and storage?

A4: No, iMazing CCache GUI poses no security risks, and developers are advised to store their code repositories safely.

Q5: Can iMazing CCache GUI help in reducing build times for complex projects?

A5: Yes, iMazing CCache GUI is particularly useful for complex projects with several dependencies, as it can help reduce build times.


In conclusion, iMazing CCache GUI is a great tool for iOS developers who build iOS applications using Xcode. The tool saves time spent on compiling code, improving efficiency, and providing developers the privilege of working on their code quality and UI. With the absence of any significant negative impacts on performance, the tool becomes a go-to tool for iOS developers. Also, asides from iMazing CCache GUI, three more options were mentioned earlier.

For iOS developers, iMazing CCache GUI helps in creating a better experience for users for swift, efficient and effective iOS applications.