iSunshare iOSBoot Genius Review – Unleashing the Power of iPhone Boot Management

In today’s digital age, our smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, storing vast amounts of personal data and memories. However, there may be times when we encounter issues with our iPhone’s boot process, leading to frustration and potential data loss. This is where iSunshare iOSBoot Genius comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution to manage and troubleshoot iPhone boot issues. Whether you’re dealing with a black screen, Apple logo loop, or any other boot-related problems, this software claims to have the answers you need.

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What does iSunshare iOSBoot Genius do?

iSunshare iOSBoot Genius is a powerful software that focuses on managing and fixing various boot-related issues of iPhones. It offers a range of features to help users regain control of their devices and ensure smooth boot operations. Let’s take a closer look at some of its core features:

1. iPhone Boot Repair: This feature is designed to fix common boot problems, such as the Apple logo stuck, black screen, or continuous reboot loop. With just a few clicks, iSunshare iOSBoot Genius attempts to restore your iPhone’s boot functionality, allowing you to access your device without losing any data.

2. Factory Reset iPhone: If your iPhone is experiencing severe software issues and a simple boot repair won’t solve the problem, iSunshare iOSBoot Genius provides an option to perform a factory reset. This feature wipes all your data and settings, bringing your device back to its original factory state.

3. Enter/Exit Recovery Mode: Recovery mode is a crucial troubleshooting tool for iPhone users. iSunshare iOSBoot Genius simplifies the process of entering and exiting recovery mode, making it convenient for users to perform necessary operations such as firmware updates or restoring backups. This ensures a seamless transition between normal and recovery modes without any technical hiccups.

4. iOS System Repair: For more complex software-related issues, iSunshare iOSBoot Genius offers an iOS system repair feature. This feature aims to fix system glitches, update errors, or any other malfunctions that may hinder the normal operation of your iPhone. It provides a comprehensive solution to restore your device to its optimal working condition.


iSunshare iOSBoot Genius PriceLicense TypePrice
1 Year Subscription1-5 PCs$29.95
6 and more PCs$59.95
Lifetime License
1-5 PCs$49.95

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  • Effectiveness: iSunshare iOSBoot Genius offers a wide range of features to address iPhone boot issues. While it may not be perfect, it provides a reliable solution for most common problems.
  • EASE-OF-USE: The software is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and intuitive for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Support: iSunshare provides excellent customer support, offering timely assistance and guidance whenever needed.
  • Service: The overall service provided by iSunshare iOSBoot Genius is commendable, ensuring customer satisfaction and effective solution delivery.
  • Quality: The software’s performance and reliability are of high quality, and it consistently delivers on its promise to fix various boot-related issues.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: Considering the effectiveness, ease-of-use, and quality of service, iSunshare iOSBoot Genius provides excellent value for the price.

What I Like

iSunshare iOSBoot Genius has impressed me with its comprehensive features and reliable performance. Firstly, the software’s ability to repair common boot problems effectively and efficiently is remarkable. It simplifies the troubleshooting process, saving users valuable time and effort.

Secondly, the inclusion of the factory reset option provides a powerful solution for more severe software issues. While it does erase all data, sometimes it’s necessary to start fresh, and iSunshare iOSBoot Genius accomplishes this with ease.

What I Don’t Like

Despite its many strengths, iSunshare iOSBoot Genius does have a few drawbacks. Firstly, it would be beneficial if the software offered more flexibility in terms of selective data recovery options. This would allow users to recover specific files or data instead of performing a complete system restore.

Additionally, the software is only compatible with iPhones, limiting its accessibility to other iOS devices such as iPads or iPods. Expanding its compatibility would enhance the software’s versatility and appeal to a wider range of users.

What Could Be Better

1. Improved Data Recovery Options: Adding more granular control for recovering specific files or data from a backup would enhance the software’s functionality and cater to users’ specific needs.

2. Compatibility with Other iOS Devices: Extending support to other iOS devices like iPads and iPods would broaden the software’s user base and make it a more comprehensive boot management solution.

3. Enhanced User Interface: While the current interface is user-friendly, a visually appealing and more modern design would enhance the overall user experience and make the software more enjoyable to use.

How to Use iSunshare iOSBoot Genius?

Step 1: Download and install iSunshare iOSBoot Genius on your computer.

Step 2: Launch the software and connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: Select the desired boot repair option based on your specific problem (e.g., Apple logo stuck, black screen, etc.).

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions provided by iSunshare iOSBoot Genius to initiate the repair process.

Step 5: Wait for the software to complete the repair task, and your iPhone should now boot up normally.

Alternatives to iSunshare iOSBoot Genius

While iSunshare iOSBoot Genius offers a comprehensive set of features, it’s always good to explore alternatives that may better suit your preferences or requirements. Here are three notable alternatives:

1. iMobie PhoneRescue: PhoneRescue is a popular software that specializes in iOS data recovery and repair. It offers a wide range of features for resolving various iPhone boot problems, with a strong emphasis on data retrieval. Download Link

2. Tenorshare ReiBoot: ReiBoot is a user-friendly software designed to fix common iPhone boot issues. It provides easy access to recovery mode, enables system repairs, and offers a smooth transition between modes. Download Link

3. iMyFone Fixppo: Fixppo is a versatile tool that can rectify a wide range of iOS system issues, including boot-related problems. It offers a firm solution for various iPhone glitches, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. Download Link

Q1: Can iSunshare iOSBoot Genius recover lost data from my iPhone?

A1: No, iSunshare iOSBoot Genius primarily focuses on boot-related issues and troubleshooting, rather than data recovery. For data recovery purposes, it is recommended to use dedicated data recovery software.

Q2: Is iSunshare iOSBoot Genius compatible with macOS?

A2: Yes, iSunshare iOSBoot Genius is compatible with both Windows and macOS, ensuring cross-platform availability for users.

Q3: How long does it take to repair my iPhone’s boot issues using iSunshare iOSBoot Genius?

A3: The repair time may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the boot problem. However, iSunshare iOSBoot Genius is designed to provide efficient repairs, and most issues can be resolved within minutes.

Q4: Does iSunshare iOSBoot Genius support the latest iPhone models?

A4: Yes, iSunshare iOSBoot Genius keeps up with the latest iOS devices and offers compatibility with the newest iPhone models available in the market.

Q5: Can I use iSunshare iOSBoot Genius to unlock a locked iPhone?

A5: No, iSunshare iOSBoot Genius does not offer unlocking capabilities. It focuses primarily on fixing boot-related issues and providing solutions for general troubleshooting.

Final Words

Overall, iSunshare iOSBoot Genius is a reliable and effective software for managing and troubleshooting iPhone boot issues. With its range of features, users can resolve common problems and regain control of their devices without the fear of data loss. Despite a few areas for improvement, such as selective data recovery options and expanded device compatibility, iSunshare iOSBoot Genius offers a solid solution with excellent value for money. Whether you’re an experienced user or new to iPhone troubleshooting, this software can be a valuable asset in your toolkit.