Merren Review – Streamline Your Business Processes Efficiently

In today’s era, automation is the key to efficiency in every aspect of life, and the same goes for business processes. Running a business can be tedious and long. From managing and tracking employee tasks, managing client communications to generating invoices and receipts – an entrepreneur has their hands full. Cue the need for a seamless automation tool to build and streamline business operations.

Merren, the cloud-based business management platform, is designed to automate and optimize all business processes. Keeping everything in one accessible place, it caters to small and medium businesses by providing modules that can manage project management, customer relationship management, billing and invoicing, accounting, reporting and much more.

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What does Merren do?

Merren provides an all-in-one solution for businesses to run more efficiently. It streamlines, automates, and optimizes your entire business process, making it easier for you to focus on growing your business. The core features include:

1. Project Management: Merren provides a visual approach to project management, allowing team members to collaborate and share files in a simple cloud-based environment. Set milestones, assign tasks to the team, track progress, and timelines.

2. Customer Relationship Management: Merren has a built-in customer relationship management tool that lets you store and manage all your client data right from the same platform. You can add contact details, set reminders for follow-ups, and view the customer timeline for more informed communication.

3. Billing and Invoicing: Merren’s billing tool generates invoices, log payments, and track overdue payments. It also provides an option to accept online payments from clients, enabling them to settle their invoices in real-time.

4. Reporting: Merren’s built-in reporting module shows you everything you need to know about your business performance, from sales to expenses, time tracked, and billable hours. You can use this information to make informed decisions and chart your business’s progress over time.


Merren offers a free trial before you have to choose from one of their pricing plans that start at $9.99 per month.

Pricing PlanFeaturesPrice Per Month
StarterUnlimited Projects, 1GB Storage, 5 Active Clients, Project Templates, Invoicing and Expenses, Time Tracking, Reports and Analytics$9.99
BasicAll The Starter Features + 5GB Storage, Unlimited Active Clients, File Sharing, Email Integration, Subscription Management, Recurring Billing, Quotes and Estimates$19.99
ProfessionalAll the Basic Features + 20GB Storage, Custom Domain, Priority Support, Multi-Currency Support, Advanced Analytics, Custom Fields, White Labeling$39.99

Review Ratings

  • Effectiveness: Merren does a great job in streamlining business tasks and automating processes, enhancing overall productivity.
  • EASE-OF-USE: Merren’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate the different modules and automate tasks within a few clicks. The visual approach to project management makes it easy to understand what is happening in the project and the amount of work remaining.
  • Support: While Merren has a knowledge base that can resolve some issues or queries, customer support is mostly slow, and the response time could improve.
  • Service: Merren’s superior automation services can help you save time and streamline tasks for more efficient service delivery.
  • Quality: For the price point, Merren provides quality features and the solution is growing to fit the needs of businesses of every size.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: Merren is a budget-friendly solution that offers great value for its users.

What I Like

Merren’s visual approach towards project management stands out to me. It makes project overview straightforward and gives me insights into the status of the project and tasks at a glance. The billing and invoicing feature has streamlined our payment collection process, and Merren’s support for automatic payment reminders saves us time. Lastly, the moderate pricing makes it affordable for small and medium businesses.

What I Don’t Like

Merren still needs to work on its reporting module to provide more in-depth data analysis and customization for the users. While the platform can synchronize Google calendar events, it would be good to see direct integration with more email clients like Outlook and Gmail.

What Could Be Better

1. Additional Customization: With a more custom touch, businesses can personalize and tailor the platform to suit their exact business requirements.

2. Expanded Reports: In-depth reporting and analysis with data export features would be an excellent addition to small and medium businesses, especially in making better decisions and planning for the future.

3. Email Integration: It would be beneficial if Merren allowed more advanced email integration with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and others.

How to Use Merren?

Step 1: Go to Merren’s website and sign up for an account.

Step 2: Once you’ve signed up, you can now start adding contacts, projects, and tasks into the platform.

Step 3: Explore and try out different modules like billing, invoicing and expenses, calendar sync, etc.

Step 4: Once you’ve set up the relevant modules, you’re ready to start using Merren for your business!

Alternatives to Merren

There are a few similar cloud-based business management platforms that offer an affordable solution to streamlining business processes and modular automation.

1. Asana
Asana is a project management software designed for teams of all sizes that is simple to use and useful. With Asana, you can track tasks, manage projects, and communicate with your team.
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2. Trello
Trello is a visual project management tool that enables you to track various tasks, assign them to team members, and check their progress. It’s easy to use and ideal for small teams or individuals managing one or two projects.
Download Link

3. allows you to plan, organize, and track work for your team. It is user-friendly and customizable to fit any team’s needs. It also includes integrations with popular programs like Dropbox and Slack.
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Q1: Is Merren difficult to set up?

A: Not at all. Merren is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. The setup process is simple and can be completed in a few minutes.

Q2: Can I try Merren before purchasing it?

A: Yes, you can! Merren offers a free trial that lets you try out the platform’s different modules and features before committing to it.

Q3: Can Merren scale to larger businesses?

A: Yes, it can! As your business grows, so will your automation and streamlining needs. Merren is built to scale with your business and can keep up with your operations as you grow.

Q4: Does Merren offer integration with third-party tools?

A: Yes, Merren supports integration with various other tools like Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Calendar, and many more!

Q5: Does Merren provide customer support?

A: Yes, Merren provides customer support through email, an extensive knowledge base, and a ticketing system.

Final Words

Merren has managed to provide an affordable and quality cloud-based solution for small and medium businesses to manage and automate their significant business operations under one platform. The platform offers a plethora of features, including project management, CRM, invoicing, and reports and analytics. Streamlining your business processes with Merren can make a massive difference in your business productivity, growth, and success.