Reviewing Cisdem ContactsMate – The Ultimate Tool for Managing Your Contacts.

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining and managing contacts can become a daunting task. On top of that, managing duplicates, merging them, and keeping them organized is even more challenging. This is where Cisdem ContactsMate comes in handy. It is a macOS-based contact management tool designed to simplify the task of managing contacts.

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What is Cisdem ContactsMate?

Cisdem ContactsMate is an all-in-one contact management tool that simplifies the task of managing and organizing contacts for macOS users. It provides users with several functions, including finding duplicates, merging duplicates, backing up contacts, and exporting contacts into various formats. Users can save a considerable amount of time and effort using this tool for managing and organizing contacts.


The Cisdem ContactsMate pricing is very reasonable. The tool offers a free trial version for users to test its features before purchasing. The full version can be purchased for $29.99, which comes with lifetime upgrades and technical support.


Cisdem ContactsMate is a user-friendly tool that comes with a simple user interface. The tool’s primary functions are to find and merge duplicates, update contacts according to their latest information, and backup and export contacts into various formats. The tool is straightforward to use and saves users a lot of time.


– User-friendly interface.
– Fast and efficient duplicate removal.
– Backup and restore contacts seamlessly.
– Multiple formats supported for data export.
– Multiple duplicate search criteria.
– User Guide available.


– No mobile version available.
– No cloud integration available.

Our Thoughts on Cisdem ContactsMate

As a contact management tool, Cisdem ContactsMate is an excellent solution. The tool offers users a fast and efficient way to manage and organize their contacts. It’s user-friendly, and the functions it provides are highly useful to individuals and businesses alike. The tool’s pricing is also very reasonable and affordable for most users. Additionally, customer service is prompt and helpful.

What Cisdem ContactsMate Identifies

Cisdem ContactsMate identifies and merges duplicate contacts, making it a lot easier to maintain and manage large contact lists. The tool can also back up and restore contacts, update old contact information with the latest ones, and export contacts into multiple formats.

How to Use Cisdem ContactsMate?

Using Cisdem ContactsMate is pretty straightforward. Follow the simple instructions below to get started:

Step 1:

Download and install the Cisdem ContactsMate App.

Step 2:

Open the app and select "Scan Contacts."

Step 3:

Once the duplicate contacts have been identified, click on the "Merge" button.

Step 4:

If you want to export your contacts, select "Export" from the menu.

Step 5:

Finally, click on "Backup" to save your contacts to a safe location.

Alternatives to Cisdem ContactsMate

There are several alternatives to Cisdem ContactsMate. Here are three of its top competitors.

1. Cardhop

Cardhop is an excellent alternative to Cisdem ContactsMate. This contact management app comes with a great user interface, making the task of managing your contacts easier. Cardhop also offers a unique feature where users can input contact details using full sentences, and the app will parse that into the appropriate fields.

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2. Contacts Sync Pro

Contacts Sync Pro is another alternative to Cisdem ContactsMate. This contact management app has a user-friendly interface and offers features such as syncing contacts between different devices. The tool also allows the users to merge duplicates contacts and remove invalid contacts.

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3. FullContact

FullContact is a cloud-based contact management tool that is an excellent alternative to Cisdem ContactsMate. The tool comes with multiple functionalities, such as merging duplicates, updating outdated contact information, and backing up contacts. FullContact also integrates with various third-party apps, such as Salesforce, Slack, and Mailchimp.

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5 FAQs about Cisdem ContactsMate

Q1: What’s the difference between the Free Trial and Full Version of Cisdem ContactsMate?

A: The free trial version of Cisdem ContactsMate only allows users to scan for duplicates, while the full version allows users to remove duplicates, update contacts, and backup and export contacts.

Q2: Is it safe to use Cisdem ContactsMate?

A: Yes, it is safe to use Cisdem ContactsMate. The tool is virus-free, and the company takes extreme measures to keep user data secure.

Q3: How often should I backup my contacts using Cisdem ContactsMate?

A: It’s recommended to backup your contacts at least once a week to be on the safe side.

Q4: Can I merge multiple contacts at once using Cisdem ContactsMate?

A: Yes, you can select multiple contacts and merge them at once using Cisdem ContactsMate.

Q5: Can I use Cisdem ContactsMate on my mobile?

A: No, Cisdem ContactsMate is only available for macOS.

Final Thoughts

Cisdem ContactsMate is an excellent contact management tool that can significantly simplify managing and organizing contacts. The tool is user-friendly and offers various functionalities that can help individuals and businesses alike. Overall, we highly recommend Cisdem ContactsMate.