Top Best 6 Color Scheme Designers for Mac – Ignite Your Creativity in Color Harmonization!

Choosing the right color scheme is essential in any design project. Whether you’re creating a website, designing a logo, or developing an app, colors play a vital role in conveying your message and evoking emotions. As a Mac user, you need reliable and user-friendly color scheme designers to ignite your creativity and ensure stunning results. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top six color scheme designers for Mac that will help you harmonize colors effortlessly.

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What’s a Color Scheme Designer?

A color scheme designer is a software tool that assists designers in creating aesthetically pleasing and balanced color combinations. These tools provide various features such as color picking, hue-visualization, color palette creation, and color scheme suggestions. With the help of color scheme designers, you can experiment with different color combinations, explore harmonization techniques, and quickly find the perfect colors for your design projects.

Best 6 Color Scheme Designers

1. Adobe Color

Adobe Color, formerly known as Adobe Kuler, is a powerful and widely-used color scheme designer. It offers a range of features to create, explore, and share color palettes effortlessly. With Adobe Color, you can choose colors from photos, extract colors directly from images, create custom color palettes, and access a vast library of color schemes. Its intuitive interface and integration with Adobe Creative Cloud make it a popular choice among designers.


  • Extensive library of color schemes
  • Easy-to-use color extraction from images
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud


  • Requires a subscription to access all features
  • More suitable for experienced designers

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2. Coolors

Coolors is a user-friendly and versatile color scheme designer that offers both online and desktop versions. It allows you to generate color schemes using various methods such as manual color picking, random generation, and color scheme exploration. Coolors also provides the option to save and export color palettes in different formats, making it a convenient tool for designers.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple methods to generate color schemes
  • Ability to save and export color palettes


  • Limited advanced features compared to other tools
  • Desktop version requires a separate purchase

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3. ColorSnapper 2

ColorSnapper 2 is a handy color picking and color scheme designer that simplifies the process of capturing and managing colors. It allows you to quickly identify colors from any part of your screen, save color swatches, and create custom color palettes. ColorSnapper 2 also offers a variety of color formats and supports integration with popular design software.


  • Effortless color picking from anywhere on the screen
  • Ability to save and organize color swatches
  • Integration with popular design software


  • Limited color scheme generation features
  • No direct color scheme sharing options

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4. Pictaculous

Pictaculous is a unique color scheme designer that focuses on generating color schemes from images. It allows you to upload an image and instantly provides a complementary color palette based on the image’s content. Pictaculous is particularly useful when you want to derive color inspiration from a specific picture or artwork.


  • Quickly generates color palettes from uploaded images
  • Efficient way to derive color inspiration from visuals
  • Provides HEX, RGB, and CMYK values for colors


  • Relies heavily on image-based color extraction
  • Limited control over color scheme generation

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5. Paletton

Paletton, also known as Color Scheme Designer, is a comprehensive tool that offers a wide range of color scheme customization options. It provides various color wheel models, allowing you to experiment with contrasting, analogous, and monochromatic color schemes. Paletton also offers advanced features such as color blindness simulation and color blending suggestions.


  • Extensive customization options for color schemes
  • Advanced features like color blindness simulation
  • Option to export color schemes in different formats


  • Interface can be overwhelming for beginners
  • Lacks integration with popular design software

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6. Color Hex

Color Hex is a simple yet effective color scheme designer that provides a vast library of color palettes. It allows you to explore popular color schemes, create your own custom palettes, and access color information for a wide range of colors. Color Hex also provides features like color blending and gradient generation, making it a versatile tool for designers.


  • Extensive library of pre-built color palettes
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • Additional features like color blending and gradients


  • Lacks advanced customization options
  • No direct export or integration with design software

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Comprehensive Comparison of Each Software

SoftwareFree TrialPriceEase-of-UseValue for Money
Adobe ColorYesSubscription-basedMediumHigh
CoolorsYes (limited features)Free, Premium at $9/monthEasyMedium
ColorSnapper 2No$9.99 (one-time purchase)EasyHigh
Color HexYesFreeEasyLow

Our Thoughts on the Top Color Scheme Designers for Mac

When it comes to choosing the right color scheme designer for Mac, it ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Adobe Color stands out as a comprehensive and professional tool, but it comes with a subscription-based model. Coolors and ColorSnapper 2 offer a balance between functionality and affordability, making them suitable for designers of all levels. Pictaculous is worth considering if you want to derive color inspiration from images, while Paletton provides advanced customization options for experienced designers. Color Hex is a simple and free option for quick color scheme exploration.

5 FAQs about Color Scheme Designers

Q1: Can I use these color scheme designers for web design projects?

A1: Absolutely! These color scheme designers are versatile and can be used for various design projects, including web design.

Q2: Are these color scheme designers compatible with other design software?

A2: Some of these color scheme designers offer integration with popular design software, while others provide export options for seamless integration.

Q3: Can I save and reuse color palettes created with these tools?

A3: Yes, most of these color scheme designers allow you to save and export color palettes for future use.

Q4: Do I need to have design experience to use these tools effectively?

A4: While some tools may have a steeper learning curve for beginners, they often provide user-friendly interfaces and tutorials to help you get started.

Q5: Are there any advantages to using a subscription-based color scheme designer?

A5: Subscription-based tools like Adobe Color provide access to a vast library of color schemes and often offer additional features and updates.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right color scheme for your design projects is crucial, and Mac users have a wide range of color scheme designers to assist them in this process. Whether you opt for Adobe Color’s professional features, Coolors’ user-friendly interface, or ColorSnapper 2’s color picking convenience, you’ll be equipped with the tools to ignite your creativity and achieve stunning color harmonization. Explore these top color scheme designers for Mac and elevate your design projects with the power of color!