How to Delete a TikTok Video After Posting?

TikTok has become an incredibly popular platform for creating and sharing short videos. Whether you’ve had a change of heart or simply want to remove a video you’ve previously posted, deleting a TikTok video is a simple process. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to delete your TikTok videos and provide … Read more

Why Does Instagram Follow Accounts For Me?

Instagram may follow accounts for you based on several factors and features that are built into the platform. Here are some possible reasons why Instagram may follow accounts on your behalf: 1. Suggested Accounts: Instagram suggests accounts to follow based on your activity, interests, and the accounts you currently follow. The platform uses algorithms to … Read more

How to Block Someone from a Business Page on Facebook?

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What is Instagram Branded Content Tools?

Instagram Branded Content Tools is a set of features and tools provided by Instagram to help creators and brands collaborate and disclose their partnerships transparently. These tools aim to make influencer marketing more seamless and accountable on the platform. 1. Streamlined Partnerships: Instagram Branded Content Tools enable creators to easily tag businesses and brands they … Read more

What Size Photo For Instagram Reels?

When it comes to posting photos on Instagram Reels, it’s important to consider the ideal size to ensure your content looks its best. The recommended size for photos on Instagram Reels is 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels, commonly known as a 9:16 aspect ratio. Here are a few reasons why this size is recommended: 1. … Read more

How to Switch to a Personal Account on Instagram?

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Why Did Babylon Bee Get Kicked Off Twitter?

Babylon Bee, a popular satirical website known for its humorous content, faced controversy when it was temporarily suspended from Twitter. The reasons for this suspension are not explicitly stated by Twitter, as the platform generally does not disclose specific details about individual account suspensions. However, based on similar cases and general Twitter policy, several factors … Read more

What Does Almost Friday Mean on Instagram?

As a tech blogger, it’s important to stay updated with the latest trends and jargon in the digital world. When it comes to Instagram, "Almost Friday" is a term that has gained popularity among users. Here’s what it means and how it is typically used: 1. Context: "Almost Friday" is often used as a hashtag … Read more

What Does Engagement Mean on Twitter Activity?

Engagement on Twitter refers to the level of interaction between users and their tweets. It encompasses various actions taken by users, which indicate their involvement and interest in a tweet or a Twitter account. Here are some key elements that contribute to engagement on Twitter: 1. Likes: Likes are a simple way for users to … Read more

What Happens When You Like And Dislike on Instagram?

When you like a post on Instagram, it signifies that you appreciate the content shared by the user. This action also sends a signal to Instagram’s algorithm, which takes note of your preferences and may consequently show you more content similar to what you have liked. Here’s what happens when you like and dislike on … Read more