Able Opus Ruler Review – Unleashing the Power of Precision Measurement


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In today’s fast-paced digital world, precision measurement is of utmost importance across various fields. Whether you are a student, engineer, architect, or designer, having the right tools to accurately measure distances, angles, and dimensions is crucial. That’s where Able Opus Ruler comes in. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the features, pros, and cons of Able Opus Ruler, and provide our thoughts on its usability and effectiveness.

What’s Able Opus Ruler?

Able Opus Ruler is a powerful software tool that enables users to perform precise measurements on their computer screens. It is designed to assist professionals and enthusiasts alike in accurately measuring distances, angles, and layouts within various applications. Able Opus Ruler provides a virtual ruler and protractor that can be easily used on any screen, making it an invaluable tool for tasks that require precise measurements.


Able Opus Ruler offers a simple and intuitive user interface, making it easy to navigate and operate. Once the software is installed, users can access the ruler and protractor tools by simply launching Able Opus Ruler from their desktop or taskbar. The software integrates seamlessly with popular applications such as Photoshop, AutoCAD, and Microsoft Office, allowing for precise measurements within these programs.

The virtual ruler provided by Able Opus Ruler offers multiple measurement units, including inches, centimeters, pixels, and more. Users can easily switch between different measurement units based on their requirements. The ruler can be resized and adjusted to fit the screen and can be moved around as needed. Additionally, users can customize the appearance of the ruler by choosing different colors and thickness options.

Pros & Cons:

Like any software, Able Opus Ruler has its own set of advantages and limitations. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of this tool:

– Accurate Measurements: Able Opus Ruler provides precise measurements, allowing users to achieve accurate results for their projects.
– Easy to Use: The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy for both professionals and beginners to use Able Opus Ruler effectively.
– Integration with Popular Applications: The ability to seamlessly integrate with popular applications saves time and enhances productivity.
– Customization Options: Users can customize the appearance of the ruler, making it more visually appealing and easier to work with.

– Limited Functionality: While Able Opus Ruler excels in providing accurate measurements, it lacks additional features that some users might require, such as advanced calculations or 3D measurement capabilities.
– Platform Limitations: Currently, Able Opus Ruler is only available for Windows operating systems, limiting its accessibility to Mac and Linux users.
– Learning Curve: Although the software is relatively easy to use, new users may need some time to familiarize themselves with the various features and functionalities.

Our Thoughts on Able Opus Ruler:

Having extensively used Able Opus Ruler for our own projects, we believe it is a valuable tool for anyone requiring precise measurements on their computer screen. The software’s accuracy and ease of use make it a reliable companion for professionals in fields such as architecture, engineering, and graphic design. Additionally, the integration with popular applications enhances productivity and streamlines workflow.

What Able Opus Ruler Identifies:

Able Opus Ruler excels in identifying and measuring various elements within an application or on-screen. It can accurately measure distances, angles, widths, and heights, providing accurate dimensions for objects and layouts. This makes it an excellent tool for designers and architects who need to measure proportions or estimate sizes within their projects.

How to Use Able Opus Ruler?

Using Able Opus Ruler is straightforward, and here is a step-by-step guide to get started:

Step 1: Download and install Able Opus Ruler from the official website.
Step 2: Launch Able Opus Ruler from your desktop or taskbar.
Step 3: Open the desired application or document you wish to measure within.
Step 4: Use the virtual ruler and protractor to measure distances, angles, or dimensions on your screen.
Step 5: Customize the appearance of the ruler as desired, adjusting colors and thickness options.
Step 6: Save and export your measurements if needed.

Alternatives to Able Opus Ruler:

While Able Opus Ruler is a powerful tool, it’s always good to explore alternative options to suit individual preferences and requirements. Here are three notable alternatives to Able Opus Ruler:

1. Screen Calibration Pro:
Screen Calibration Pro is a comprehensive software tool that not only offers measurement capabilities but also provides advanced calibration features. It allows users to calibrate their screens for accurate color representation and provides a range of measurement tools for various applications. [Download Link]

2. MeasureIt:
MeasureIt is a browser extension available for popular web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. It offers a simple and lightweight solution for measuring dimensions on web pages. Users can easily draw a virtual ruler on a webpage and measure various elements such as images, text boxes, and more. [Download Link]

3. Measure Map Pro:
Measure Map Pro is a mobile application available for both iOS and Android devices. It combines the power of GPS and mapping technology to provide accurate measurements on the go. Users can measure distances, areas, perimeters, and angles on maps, making it an excellent tool for outdoor measurements. [Download Link]

5 FAQs about Able Opus Ruler:

Q1: Is Able Opus Ruler compatible with all screen resolutions?
A: Yes, Able Opus Ruler is designed to work seamlessly with all screen resolutions, allowing users to perform accurate measurements regardless of screen size.

Q2: Can I use Able Opus Ruler in multiple applications simultaneously?
A: Yes, Able Opus Ruler can be used in multiple applications concurrently, making it a versatile tool for users who work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Q3: Can I customize the measurement units in Able Opus Ruler?
A: Yes, Able Opus Ruler provides multiple measurement units such as inches, centimeters, pixels, and more. Users can easily switch between units based on their requirements.

Q4: Will Able Opus Ruler interfere with other applications on my computer?
A: No, Able Opus Ruler runs in the background and does not interfere with other applications. It remains discreet and only becomes active when needed.

Q5: Does Able Opus Ruler have a trial version or a free alternative?
A: Able Opus Ruler offers a free trial version with limited features. However, for full functionality, a paid license is required.

Final Thoughts:

Able Opus Ruler is a reliable and accurate measurement tool that simplifies the process of obtaining precise dimensions on a computer screen. Its integration with popular applications and customizable features make it a valuable asset for professionals in various fields. While it may have a few limitations, its ease of use and accurate measurements outweigh any shortcomings. Overall, Able Opus Ruler is a worthwhile investment for anyone requiring precision measurement capabilities on their computer.