How to Automatically Forward Text Messages on iPhone

As our lives are increasingly dependent on mobile phones, the iPhone has become one of the most popular smartphones in the world. One of the main features of an iPhone is the ability to receive text messages. However, you may not be able to check your phone all the time, especially when you are busy with work or driving. Luckily, there is a feature that allows you to automatically forward text messages on iPhone, so you can read them later. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to enable this feature and share some tips and tricks to optimize it.

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Why You Need to Automatically Forward Text Messages on iPhone

There are several reasons why you may want to forward text messages on your iPhone. One of the most common is to ensure that you don’t miss any important messages, especially when you can’t check your phone frequently. Other reasons may include:

  • To keep track of your business communications.
  • To manage your personal affairs while you are away.
  • To keep a record of your messages.

Method 1: Set Up Text Message Forwarding via iMessage

One of the easiest ways to forward text messages on iPhone is through iMessage. Here are the steps that you can follow:

Step 1: Open your iPhone and tap on the 'Settings' app.
Step 2: Scroll down and select the 'Messages' option.
Step 3: Tap on 'Text Message Forwarding'.
Step 4: A list of all your Apple devices associated with your iCloud ID will show up. Slide the toggle button to the right of the device you want to forward your messages to.
Step 5: You will be prompted with a six-digit verification code that you need to enter on the device you want to forward your messages to. 


  • It's a built-in feature, which means you don't need to download any additional apps or tools.
  • Text message forwarding works well with any Apple device that's connected to your iCloud ID.


  • You can only forward messages to other Apple devices that are connected to your iCloud ID.
  • You need to have both your iPhone and the targeted device on hand to complete the verification process.

Method 2: Use Third-Party Apps

Another way to forward text messages on your iPhone is by using third-party apps. Here are some of the top-rated apps that you can use:

Via SMS Forwarder

Step 1: Download the SMS Forwarder app from the App Store.
Step 2: Launch the app and grant it access to your messages.
Step 3: Tap on 'Settings' and select the 'Forwarding' option.
Step 4: Enter the phone number or email address that you want to forward your messages to.
Step 5: Choose the type of messages that you want to forward (SMS or MMS).


  • Third-party apps offer a wide range of features that are not available in the built-in messaging app.
  • You can forward messages to any phone number or email address, regardless of the device platform.


  • You need to download and install the app, which takes up storage space.
  • Some apps may require a subscription fee to access all features.

Method 3: Create Shortcuts to Automate Text Message Forwarding

You can also create shortcuts to automate text message forwarding on your iPhone. Here's how:

Step 1: Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
Step 2: Tap on the '+' sign to create a new shortcut.
Step 3: Select the 'Add Action' button and search for 'forward'.
Step 4: You will be presented with a list of actions related to forward messages. Choose the one that says 'Forward Message'.
Step 5: Edit the shortcut by copying and pasting the phone number or email address that you want to forward your messages to.


  • You can create custom shortcuts to forward messages based on your needs.
  • Automated shortcuts save time and effort, especially if you need to forward messages frequently.


  • You need to have some understanding of the Shortcuts app to create a custom shortcut.
  • If you make a mistake in the shortcut, it may forward messages to the wrong recipient.

What to Do If You Can't Automatically Forward Text Messages on iPhone

If you experience issues or errors while trying to forward text messages on your iPhone, here are some potential solutions:

  • Make sure that your iPhone is running on the latest iOS version.
  • Check your internet connection to ensure that it's stable and strong.
  • Restart your iPhone and try to forward the message again.
  • Try using a different messaging app or third-party app to forward messages.
  • Contact Apple Support for further assistance if none of the above solutions work.

Bonus Tip: Configuring Do Not Disturb While Driving

If you are driving, you may not want to be disturbed by text messages or notifications. iPhone's 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' feature allows you to block incoming alerts and notifications automatically while you are driving. Here's how to enable it:

Step 1: Open the 'Settings' app on your iPhone.
Step 2: Tap on the 'Do Not Disturb' option.
Step 3: Select the 'Activate' button under the 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' option.
Step 4: Choose from the given options when you want the feature to activate (Automatically, When Connected to Bluetooth, or Manually).

5 FAQs

Q1: Can I Forward Text Messages to a Non-Apple Device?

A: Yes, you can use a third-party app to forward text messages to a non-Apple device.

Q2: Can I Forward Multiple Messages at Once?

A: Yes, you can forward multiple messages at once using most third-party apps.

Q3: Does Text Message Forwarding Work Internationally?

A: Yes, as long as you have an active internet connection, text message forwarding works internationally.

Q4: Will I Be Charged for Forwarding Text Messages?

A: Forwarding text messages may consume your data plan, depending on your carrier's policies.

Q5: Can I Set Up Automatic Text Message Forwarding for iPhone without Internet Connection?

A: No, you need an active internet connection to forward text messages automatically.

Final Thoughts

Forwarding text messages on iPhone is a useful feature if you want to keep track of your conversations while you are away or unable to check your phone. Whether you choose to use iMessage, third-party apps, or automated shortcuts, there are various options available for you to optimize your text message forwarding experience. Just remember to choose the method that works best for your needs while keeping in mind the pros and cons of each method.