5 Ways to Burn ISO to USB on Mac Sonoma/Ventura

Burning an ISO file to a USB drive is a common task for anyone who works with computers. Whether you are creating a bootable USB for installing a new operating system or transferring files, having a reliable method to burn ISO to USB is essential. While there are many tools available for Windows users, Mac … Read more

Brew Install Wimlib Command Not Found – Try These Fixes

In the world of technology and computing, error messages are unfortunately a common occurrence. One such error that many Mac users may encounter is the "Wimlib imagex split not working" error. This error can prevent users from splitting files using the Wimlib utility on their Mac systems. In this blog post, we will explore the … Read more

Wimlib-imagex Split Stuck at 0 – How to Fix?

For those deep into custom Windows installations, wimlib-imagex is a familiar tool. It’s instrumental in handling Windows Imaging (WIM) files, offering features like capturing, applying, and splitting WIMs. However, some users have reported issues with the split function hanging indefinitely, showing 0% completion. If you’re facing this specific problem, we’ve compiled some potential solutions. Why … Read more