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We can see watermark on PDF files frequently, especially for fre ebooks. We hate PDF watermakrs but we need it sometimes to protect our hardworking to be copied or reused without credit. Hence,you may have wanted to copyright protect PDF files and watermark them with your own name or brand at some times. This prevents other people from illegally copying and printing your PDF files.

Luckily, there are tons of third-party tools that allow you to add any type of watermark on your PDF. In the section below, we have compiled a list of the best PDF watermark creators you should check out right now


Best PDF Watermark Creator #1: Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is one of the leading software for staying productive at work. In reality, you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro to watermark your PDF files, thus protecting them from the prying eyes and hackers.

However, the Acrobat Pro is not just about watermarking a PDF as you can do a lot more things. One such thing lies in the ability to convert Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files to PDF and then customize them. Plus, you can merge multiple files at the same time into one PDF, so you can share it with your friends and colleagues. To add a watermark to a PDF file, you can follow our steps below.

Step 1: Download a copy of Adobe Acrobat and install it on a computer. Now launch Acrobat Pro and open the PDF file with it.

Step 2: From the Adobe Acrobat main window, go to Tools -> Edit PDF -> Watermark.

Step 3: Now just simply select Add. You can add the watermark to individual pages by clicking on Page Range Options.

Step 4: You can customize your work like adjusting the size, changing the position, or adjust the appearance of the watermark.

Adobe PDF Watermark Creator

Step 5: You can also update your watermark. To do this, open your PDF file, then select Tools and select Edit PDF. After that, select Watermark, then click on Update and edit your watermark (make sure you hit the Save button to apply the changes).


Best PDF Watermark Creator #2: iSeePassword MarkPDF

Adobe Acrobat is the best choice for creating PDF watermarks if you already have a valid license. If not, then it could be so expensive to buy Adobe Acrobat for only adding PDF watermarks. In fact, there are much cheaper solutions out there for PDF watermarking and iSeePassword MarkPDF is the one we are talking about in here

iSeePassword MarkPDF is a small utility designed for PDF watermark creation and removal. No other features provided within the software. The best part about MarkPDF is the flexibility to do customized settings for watermarks, you can set text fond, size, rotation, opacity for specific watermarks. Most importantly, it charges much less than PDF editors.

Win versionMac version

Step 1: Click about download link and install the program on a PC or Mac.

Step 2: Open iSeePassword MarkPDF and add PDF file to the program.

Step 3: In this step, click the "Template" icon to set the watermark styles, such as font, size, opacity, image logo, etc.

Add Text Watermark

Step 4: Click "OK" button to save the settings. And click "Start" to let the program add watermarks to the PDF file..


Best PDF Watermark Creator #3: SysTools PDF Watermark

PDF Watermark from SysTools is a solid choice for those people who are in the market for a reliable software for adding watermark to PDF. Indeed, you can add both text and image watermarks on your PDFs, which guarantees a high level of protection. The best part is that you can customize your watermarks like setting font sizes, rotating your watermarks, or adding colors to your work.

However, PDF Watermark has its disadvantages too. One major drawback is that you cannot create or edit your PDF files using the software, which is a little bit disappointing. Plus, you are not able to convert your PDF file to a different file type, meaning that you are going to need an additional software to get the job done.

All you need to do is to click on Add PDF button, then select the PDF file and the output folder, and hit the Start button. In short, SysTools PDF Watermark is a good PDF watermark creator for those with basic needs. If you are an advanced user, then seek it elsewhere.

Systools PDF Watermark


Honorable Mention: Cleverpdf Online PDF Watermark Creator

Cleverpdf is an online PDF watermark creator for any users out there. Like PDF Watermark, you can quickly add any type of watermark on a PDF file. What sets Cleverpdf apart from SysTools PDF Watermark lies in the ability to edit and convert your PDF files.

The process is so simple. First, you visit and then select PDF Watermark. After that, check the box next to text watermark or image watermark, and select font size, rotation, and transparency for your watermark. Now, let Cleverpdf do the resr if work.

Cleverpdf watermark


Closing Words

You can find many more PDF watermark creation software or websites but the above suggestions are among the best. So pick up one from the list and stop wasting time on other similar products. Once the watermark added to the PDF document, you can share or distribute it freely without worries.


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