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HTC sync manager

HTC Sync Manager Reviews & How-to Guides

This is a review and how-to for HTC Sync Manager, to manage, transfer, backup, and restore content to your phone, check out the HTC Sync Manager on this page. Read more >>>

Otc. 8st 2015 at 2:12pm by Sophia Lee

Samsung kies alternative

How to Manage Samsung Phone without Kies

If you're using Samsung Kies to manage your phone, you've probably run into some issues because Kies doesn't seem to work for a lot of users, see why! Read more >>>

Otc. 9st 2015 at 6:12pm by Sophia Lee

format android

How to Format or Reset Android Phone or Tablet

When you feel your Android device works very slowly, or you need to sell your phone to others, the best solution is to format your cell phone, see how to do it. Read more >>>

Otc.16st 2015 at 14:12pm by Sophia Lee

windows phone to iphone

How can I Import Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone

When you switch Windows phone to new iPhone 6s, likely have a bunch of data on your old Windows phone that you need to transfer to your new iPhone. Read this article and learn how to ... Read more >>>

Otc.25st 2015 at 19:12pm by Sophia Lee

enable usb debugging on Android

How to Enable USB Debugging on Android Phone & Tablet

Whether you are a developer or someone who has decided to root your Android phone or tablet, you have to first enable USB debugging on your device. Read this article and learn how to enable USB debugging. Read more >>>

Otc.25st 2015 at 19:12pm by Sophia Lee

install android apps

How to Install Android Apps to SD Card from PC

You can directly install Apps to your SD card by default because Android does not offer such a feature. This article give two ways to install Android apps and move apps to SD. Read more >>>

Nov.18st 2015 at 11:12pm by Sophia Lee

lock Android password

I Forget the Android Screen Lock Password

This article gives 2 solutions for those who forget the lock password to their Android device, read and follow the steps it gives.. Read more >>>

Nov..20st 2015 at 19:12pm by Sophia Lee

windows phone to Android

How to Import Data from Windows Phone to Android

Is it too much of a hassle transferring all that old data from your current phone to the PC and then transferring it back to your new phone? This article will give you a full and easy solution to transfer Windows phoene to Android. Read more >>>

Nov..24st 2015 at 19:12pm by Sophia Lee

iTunes to Android

How to Move Music from iTunes to Android Phone

When you get a new Android phone, you may need to transfer all collected songs from iTunes to your Android phone, but iTunes say NO, well, this article will guide you how to transfer all digital music and playlists from iTunes to Android device. Read more >>>

Dec. 1 2015 at 19:12pm by Sophia Lee

whatsapp chat history recovery

How to Recover WhatsApp Chat History on Samsung Phone

You think the data on your phone is safe? Sometimes the data like Whatsapp chat history on your Samsung phone may get lost or corrupted due to some unexpected reasons, what you should do? Read more >>>

Dec. 29 2015 at 19:34pm by Sophia Lee



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