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If you are one of those fans, who love self-timer and photography with their Android smartphone, then this article will help you to know the top three applications to manage and editing your photographs with your Android smartphone. Additionally, with the revolution of social networks and Smartphone, however medium or high range these are best-utilized photographic applications, the most downloaded of other platforms and most used by the Android clients so far.

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NO.1 Camera ZOOM FX

Here we are not discussing about a simple app to only take pictures, we are confronted with an application that coordinated your Android with so many compacts and even some semi-professional cameras. Simply say your device has just optical or digital zoom up to 6x with flash. Among the components of Camera Zoom FX, you can make a live preview a few impacts or you can do self-adjust, whit balance, auto focus, night shot. With it, you can do something you can't do even with some of professional cameras, and share your photographs instant with social networks as well.

 Camera ZOOM FX  app

Another quirk of this application is that you can capture a photo with your voice control, or some chaos like an applaud. You can also capture a sequence in burst mode of up to 20 frames per second. Indeed, even with it you can utilize a non-ruinous editing, that is saving the original photo and copy too. At any rate, there are such a variety of elements of this application you can say that connections the force of a semi-professional camera with the usefulness of a desktop software.

NO.2 Camera360 Ultimate

More than 250 million clients can't be wrong with the Camera 360 Ultimate application. In addition, this Android application made numerous features keeping in mind the end goal to make life simpler for clients that has earned its vicinity in all the top of applications. With the arrival of the Camera360 Cloud notwithstanding this application, you can edit, save, and share any photo in one spot.

Camera360 App


The features of this application have more than 100 visual impacts notwithstanding the texture, crop, rotate, etc. However, with Camera 360 Ultimate you can choose in real time with several frames, paying little mind to the resolutions you are utilizing (16:9 / 4:3 / 1:1). With this application, you can capture photos as HDR. Camera360 Ultimate requires Android 2.3 or above.

NO.3 SnapSeed

SnapSeed (Free) is an application, which has facilities to enhance, change, and share photographs with Google+. As the application allows you to conform the parameters of the photographs in the fastest way, with the auto correct and image adjustment features. It additionally permits you to enhance specific areas in your photographs, an element that is similar to the desktop software.



You can apply to your photographs a series of filters into several classifications that will transform your photographs into something new and fascinating, as Vintage, Drama, Tilt-Shift, and Grunge. SnapSeed has HDR picture quality and advance tools for desktop and an adaptation intended for tablets too. It is free and perfect with Android 4.0 or above.



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