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The advent of chat and messaging applications for Android has opened up a world of possibilities within a single application. The revolution of instant messaging applications, not just rely on the chat, today we can find an entire social network in a simple Android application.

Today we will talk about the best text messaging apps for Google Android. So, Here we go…

NO.1 Google Hangouts

Google has renewed the application Google Talk, instant messaging, voice call, and video call. It has also integrated the SMS from Android phones and it is completely platform and if you have multiple devices as when read in each other is marked as read. So far, it is as comfortable for talks. It also has a system of group discussions, know if the message has been read or not by the position of the avatars.

This application is now what was formerly known as Google Talk and Google+ Hangouts, but with new functions and improved features among the highlights to mention we are:

  • Send and receive messages Hangouts
  • Send and receive SMS / MMS
  • Chat conversations with up to 100 people
  • Free group calls with up to 10 contacts
  • Ability to synchronize multiple devices chats
  • Support for animated GIFs, images and maps
  • hangout

    NO.2 WhatsApp

    Our second app is omnipresent WhatsApp, as it uses by almost everyone for many interesting things like push-to-talk messages in a convenient way, edit your video before sending. So far, we are having a communication tool, which is almost universal multimedia shipping.

    Thanks to its large user base of over 500 million, the platform WhatsApp able to be bought by Facebook. According to a study, WhatsApp has made the SMS on mobile phones, which made Skype international calls in the fixed network. It is compatible with all the basics, with the notable absence of video chat, but you can use message groups send multimedia files, and retrieve messages offline. WhatsApp is free for the first year and costs a dollar next year.

    There is no doubt that WhatsApp is currently implementing more popular messaging for use only require a wireless WiFi / 3G or EDGE. Its main features include:

  • Send free SMS messages, photos, videos, contacts, memos
  • Group Chat
  • Send offline messages
  • Auto List contacts
  • Backup talks
  • Custom notification tones/li>


    NO.3 Viber

    200 million Viber users have made a strong niche for itself by being a messaging application low cost for different platforms that do not require cumbersome connections and configuration after installation, simply create a user account using a number of phone as the user name. Viber includes text, images and video on all platforms, with voice calls available only for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone from Microsoft. The chat application syncs with the address book on the phone, so that users need not add contacts in a separate list.

    This is one of the biggest competitors WhatsApp; It offers a number of communication features and also only requires WiFi or 3G. Notable among other things:

  • Send free text messages
  • Free calls with HD
  • Voice messages/li>
  • Group conversations
  • Send pictures, videos, stickers and emoticons
  • viber


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