The Much Debated iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 Comparison

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The Apple and Samsung rivalry has been going on for ages and a new curve to this issue has been added with the release and anticipation of the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7. Both are at the prime of their model extensions and with all the new and extensive features added and upgraded, these two new sets on the block are the best thing for the Apple and Samsung lovers all over. Smartphones have thus taken a whole meaning with these editions and if you are not really updated on the additional characteristics' then do make sure that you are in complete knowledge of the technical specifications before you dive in for the purchase.

With comparison being the main agenda for the day, there are several angles of discretion and you need to have an unbiased attitude toward the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 in order to truly get an idea of what you are being served with. There are few important categories that require attention and it includes the broad generalisations of display, software, processor and RAM, battery life and camera. These have the most of the essential specifications that you need to know and if you are aware of what is being offered then you might as well grab the purchase before the stocks run out.

An Analysis of Crucial Categories

Listed below are few of the most determining and distinguishing factors that are necessary to focus on if a comprehensive analysis is required to be made:

  • Display - In terms of display the iPhone s7 is quite similar to that of its predecessor and comes in the dual models of 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen. The HD display and 4K resolution has been maintained. Samsung Galaxy s7 on the other hand has the sleek design and a 5.1 and 5.5 inch Quad HD curved display. The "always on display" feature is new and will allow you to get a sneak peak at few selective notifications while in the sleep state. Now whether you want to go for the 3D display or the curved screen is on you to decide. .

Display between iphone s7 and galaxy s7


  • Software – Keeping in mind the complaints against the iOS 9, the iPhone s7 is armed with the upgrade of iOS 10 and hence is expected to have a stable flow of the required improvements and quick updates. Samsung Galaxy s7 has given a miss to the android Lollipop and instead has gone put for the android 6.0 M OS version. The android TV and auto support that comes with the new operating system is surely going got throw a tough challenge to the iOS 10.

Software between galaxy s7 and iPhone 7


  • Processor and RAM – With a 2 GB RAM and 64 BG storage space, you can store about anything you want and with the A9 new generation processor, there is a whole new iPhone s7 that you can explore. Now Samsung has gone far out in this one with the 64bit Exynos processor and 8GB RAM with an expandable storage feature of 200 GB. Considering that this is more than any other device on the block, Samsung Galaxy s7 might just have an edge here. .


  • Battery life – This is the most crucial because if you cannot run on the phone long enough then it makes no sense to have extensive features. With Samsung a 3000 mAh battery has been expected which is a major upgrade but the iPhone s7 has the same battery problems that the iPhone 6 had. Hence we clearly know who the winner is here.

batter life of galaxy s7


  • Camera – Quietly one of the most important specifications on the block, the Samsung Galaxy s7 has a 12MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. Even though the pixels have actually gone down, several other minor upgrades have been made. iPhone s7 might have an edge here with the 12MP iSight camera and a 5MP FaceTime HD camera with Retina Flash. Hence the budding photographers already know what they are in for.

Samsung s7 Camera

Considering all the upgrades made and with several new extensions at hand, it will be a tug of war between these two brands to showcase the best features that audiences are yet to witness from these top notch models of the year.




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