How to Root Galaxy S5 with CWM Adanced Edition

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Galaxy S5 , the new Samsung flagship smartphone has been unveiled for a while now and like always, many of the device owners are still waiting for a custom root. Due to the Touchwiz technology developed by Samsung, it's pretty hard to get the new device rooted with the common method, additional hacking is involved to get the whole rooting workable. According to the latest announcement in XDA forum, rooting package is finally valuable for all Samsung Galaxy S5 variants.

Please note: rooting will void the warranty of your device, think twice before taking further actions.


Guide: How to Root Galaxy S5

Step 1 Flash philztouch recovery or any supported recovery for your device with odin

PhilZ Recovery is a CWM Advanced Edition that adds all the features you could ever miss in CWM. It is a well proven recovery for many phones. Download it from here:

Tips: How to install phiztouch recovery:

• Unzip the downloaded file, and then you'll get a 'recovery.img' file. Put that recovery.img file at root directory of your sd card.
• Now, go to terminal emulator.
• Give command: su
• You'll be asked to grant superuser permissions, grant it.
• Now, give the following command: flash_image recoveryonly /sdcard/recovery.img
• Wait until it executes the command (4-5 seconds), it is installing the recovery.
• Now, normally reboot to recovery and enjoy new recovery!

Step 2 Make a nandroid backup from within philztouch recovery

Before stepping into the root details, it's better to backup all your device device, just in case there are bad things happened in rooting process. Launch philztouch recovery on your Android device by booting it into bootloader / fastboot mode, then there is a backup option offered by the software. Select 'backup', and wait patiently for the backup process to complete. Reboot your phone, and you're done. You now have a complete backup of EVERYTHING on your phone memory taken on your SD card.

Step 3 Flash universal S5 rootkit inside philztouch recovery

Download the rootkit from here and install it with philztouch recovery.

After all steps are completed, then you can fully enjoy the benefits Android OS brings to you. With a rooted smartphone, you can perform more avdvanced operations, like system backup, wireless file sharing and hacking on the headset.














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