How Do I Delete Multiple Duplicate Contacts on My Android Phone

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If we audit the list of contacts of any client of Android, we discover the duplicate of contacts. At times, for an adjustment in the name or incorrectly spelled some subtle element, we finished storing data of a person in different contact profiles. This is illogical, particularly in the event that we wind up putting away them in better places. So today we will perceive how we can remove duplicate contacts in Android effortlessly. Nearly all the Android phones allows users to sync contacts from multiple account or importing contacts from another source, including Google account, SIM card contacts,contacts backup files or other email accounts, when you're importing contacts form other sources, your Android phone starts syncing the saved contacts into your phone, resulting in duplicate contacts for each entry.

We know users can always remove the each copy of the contacts, but this will take a lot of time. But don't worry, there are a few methods or apps to remove the duplicate contacts from your android phone. If you choose, you can certainly look for a program that can help you manage your contacts - Android Manager Tool should be took into your consideration, it enables users to control and manage Android device on the computer.

Take A Closed Look At The Key Features of Android Manager.

  • Backup and Restore contacts, SMS , media file and documents.
  • Easy manage, add, editor, delete, export your contacts, messages.
  • Download and install the Android apps via computer.
  • Convert Audio and Video to Android Friendly Formats.
  • Directly send and receive messages via computer
  • Support Devices: Samsung Galaxy S4/5/6, Note, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, ZTE, etc.
  • More ...

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to delete duplicate Android contacts without any manual operations., you can use it to access easily. This utility is very effective because it links all information of one person in a single contact and has the ability to export Android contacts to your personal computer for backup.


Tutorial: How to Delete Multiple Duplicate Contacts on Android

Step 1 Install, Run the App and Connect Your Android to Computer

Firstly, you should install the run the program on your PC (Windows and Mac are available). Then plug your Android phones to computer via UBS cable or WiFi as well. It will show all contents in the main windows after detecting your Android. Click "Transfer" tab and next.

android assistant connect

Step 2 Start to Scan All Duplicate Contacts in Android Phone

After detecting your Android phone, the program will analyze and scan all content on your Android phone, in the left column, just click the "Contacts" tab and all the contacts will be showed on the windows. Then on the right, click "De-duplicate" button, it will scan all duplicate contacts on your Android phone. Just wait for a moment, don't disconnect your phone to PC during the scanning.


Step 3 Merge and Remove Duplicate Contacts Android

When the scanning process finished, all the duplicate contacts on your Android will be displayed with details including name, phone numbers, emails.  notice that all contacts are ticked off by default. If you want to remove the duplicate contacts, just tick the contacts and choose merge type. After that, click "Merge Selected", the button at the lower right corner. Then the program will start to the merging process, ensure your Android phone is connected during the process.

Remove Duplicate Contacts

This application will create a backup of your contacts before merging in default, of course you also can choose ignore this, so is it more convenient for you to delete repeating contact lists.

In many cases duplication of contacts is not in Google Contacts but the phone itself. In order to solve the problem must access the Contacts application, this Android Contacts Tool could get acces to your Android phone and scan all the duplicate contacts. If you do not use Google Contacts we recommend the Android assistant program because it allows you to keep all data stay in a safe place and always synchronized, it's also useful for transferring information if you switched mobile. When you deleted your contacts accidently, you still have a chance to retreive contacts from your Android without backup.

In conclusion, you should keep in mind: to completely prevent your Android phone from producing multiple contacts continually, you must ensure your contacts are not sync from multiple sources and keep displaying contacts from a single account or source.


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