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Social networking is one of the great phenomena of recent years. Social network and of course the smartphones, both they come together perfectly. In addition, the social networks that move hundreds of millions of users and billions of messages through them every day, these devices have found their perfect support, your ideal partner.

Let us go over this topic, applications of the social networks. Applications tour through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ... each has a specific niche, but they all converge at a common point. In this article, we will describe you the top five apps on Android for social networking.

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NO.1 Facebook

The social network has a higher number of users, more than 1,100 million worldwide. Therefore, she could find in the majority of users of our surroundings. Although the application allows the same functionality through the Web, not everything intuitively that could reach it. Because it lets, you create groups and events we can issue calls for activities or create communities of a specific theme. Its main advantage is that we can reach as many users as possible with an existing account.

Facebook for android

NO.2 Twitter

The second social network in terms of number of users with 560 million active users stands out for its agility, thanks mainly to their publication format based on micro-comments. Which are limited in character, even lets you include links, images and videos with which we can easily use to publish or share information. Its main advantage is its immediacy and topicality.

Twitter for android

NO.3 LinkedIn

This is a social network for professionals. Many companies and HR professionals are using LinkedIn to find and contact potential candidates to find the profiles they seek. In the complete LinkedIn, profile allows a user to include your work experience, skills, and specializations, among other details, which helps a company when choosing between different candidates. Thus, LinkedIn is a very useful network, which provides valuable benefits to people who are enlisted as companies looking for something very specific.

linkdin for android

NO.4 Instagram

Here is an exclusive social network to share photos on other social networks, despite this exclusive focus reaches 150 million active users. Based on get pictures from mobile devices, it includes a series of filters that enhance and correct images so prior to be shared on other social networks. It allows us to quick publish photos, of your lifestyle or professionalism.

Instagram for android

NO.5 Vine

This application video and social network, developed by Twitter for the preparation and publication of short, as short videos not allowed more than six seconds. It allows integration with Twitter, but also works as an independent social network, communication between users with accounts Vine, with 40 million registered users. Its main use would be to edit videos to share on other networks where we have a larger community of users.

Vine for android


The use of social networks is not something that proves essential, but they do represent more a tool when making innovative and motivating activities. There are a lot of social networks available, of which have shown the most representative attending the key factors of the number of users and their orientation in the face share experiences.




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